Pirouette secret

Click on the title above to watch video! The Characteristics of a student from the Vaganova Method (Teaching method of classical dance founded by A. Vaganova) is truly expressed in the aplomb (vertical attack and the holding of the back muscles!). This is the secret- REALLY!
Yes one must to pull up the hip bones in order to obtain turn out and keep the back straight, but in the Vaganova method, this systematic approach of learning,
everything is about perfection. The method is scientifically based and physiologically sound and incorporates the laws of physics and bio mechanics.

It has been proven to be not only the safe step by step approach to the development of a ballet artist but the only complete system that can develop the entire nerve muscle patterns and coordination’s in such a way to free the artists from technical worries. Read more here…

Exam Pirouettes - Vaganova Ballet Academy 2011 with Olga Smirnova
Exam Pirouettes - Vaganova Ballet Academy 2011 with Olga Smirnova

Here is a pirouette exercise from the Vaganova Ballet Academy at the advanced level class. The Prodigy you see is Olga Smirnova!

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